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A Lunar New Year greeting card featuring a digitally painted gold ox head with plum blossoms wrapped around its horns. Red text written in Chinese down its forehead reads: 过年好. Gold text on either side of the head reads: 大吉大利  and 岁岁平安, respectively. The card has a plain red background with a geometric pink border.

Happy Lunar New Year 🧧🧨🧨


过年好: happy new year

大吉大利: may you have great luck and great profit

岁岁平安: may you have peace year after year

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kvistwig(It/Its \ they/them)
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Xing in a red tang suit decorated with gold embroidery of a sparrow and some clouds. He holds his hands up to make bull horns. Above him the word bull, written in simplified Chinese, surrounded by bull horns.

Lunar new year celebrations started last night but I only got the sketch down, have a Xing now