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[ID: Kahn, a lantern headed man with a blue flame for an eye, sits on the ground, looking around, indicated by the flame moving. /End ID]

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig removes their helmet, revealing Grey, a feliform furry, underneath. /End ID]

Day 07 - Inorganic Material

[Image ID: Drawings of the Uurak, a genderless race made of stone and inner magma. Younger Uurak are rough around the edges, which cause their long draped garments to tear, while older Uurak are smoothed out from age. The few remaining nobles can afford to be tumbled, chiselled, and sealed to prevent further wear. They have no limits to the number of eyes, mouths, or limbs they can have. One particularly old Uurak in a lab coat stands on the right edge of the page, labelled as being Dr. Magmiopsis. /End ID.]

Day 05 - Hard Shell

[Image ID: A red and blue creature resembling a clam or mussel with teeth, wings, and eyes located under the shell along each lateral side. Text in the image reads "Fly valve", "angry bitey thing", "Comes in swarms, can leave a clean skeleton in seconds", "Made up of more mouth than any reasonable creature", and "suctions self to walls with wings". /End ID]

Day 04 - Back Frills

[Image ID: Bipedal creatures with heavy shells obscuring most of their bodies. They have eyes on the ends of stalks and long, proboscis like mouths ending in beaks, and feelers grouped around their eyes and mouths, all coming from the front opening of the shell. They have sturdy legs and stubby tails coming from the wider back opening, and a back sail that stands on end coming from a back slot in the shell. /End ID]

Day 3, bioluminescence

[Image ID: A deep sea bioluminescent creature. The head resembles the whole body of a manta ray with tendrils extending from its wings, and glowing spines trail down its back to a mass of brightly glowing tendrils. It has two broad flippers located towards the front of the torso, which have glowing tendrils as well. /End ID]

Day 2 - Long Furry Feelers.

[Image ID: Three furry elephantine creatures lacking eyes, with two furry feelers located at about the base of their face, two smaller feelers at the top of the head, lop ears, and a long furry tail. They are shown to be much larger than a human person, rideable, and herbivorous. /end ID]

I've been taking part in an alien challenge, day 1 was orange spotting.

[Image ID: A dull green quadrupedal creature with bright orange spots, long neck, fur, and tail, which ends with an orange bulb.]

Dedusmuln but Jazz Cup.

[ID: Dedusmuln from Hylics holding up a white cup with blue and purple stripes. /End ID].

Somsnosa hylics

[ID: Somsnosa from hylics, shouting "Bugs". /End ID].


[ID: Plague doctor Twig slouches over in a UFO, looking unamused. They are surrounded by the vast expanse of space, decorated with celestial bodies. /End ID]

Listened to Laputa by Haitus Kaiyote

[Image ID: A person drawn in dark blue lines, their face obscured by clouds. They wear a newsboy's cap and a puffy dress with a belt around their waist. In one hand they hold a cloud tied to a string. Two smaller drawings show them sleeping while floating with the cloud on a string and on a larger cloud. /End ID.]

[ ID: Two drawings of Twig in the ocean. The first one is captioned "Good afternoon human. I am in the water" and they give the viewer the peace sign. In the second, they struggle in the water, saying "Help human, I have drifted out to sea". /End ID ]

Home Is Where I Want To Be

[ ID: Twig falls while clutching at a purple heart, tears floating above as they cry. Above them are the words "I feel numb, born with a weak heart so I guess I must be having fun". /End ID ]


When you make sleepytime extra strength tea at 2:36 am (which is also when this was drawn)

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig with an exaggerated sad expression pouring a pot of hot water into a teacup. The pot and teacup also have sad expressions. /End ID]

So Boy Just Put That Stopsign Down

[ID: Lowell, a long haired man drawn in pink, overlooks a neon cityscape on an alien planet from a hotel balcony. The night sky is full of stars, and the planet's ring. /End ID]

A scribbly Twig in a glass of purple ink (with an umbrella)

So, Hylics huh?

[ID: Wayne, a moon headed man from the game hylics, floating in front of a paint splattered background. By his right hand is the word Snap and some sparkles. /End ID]

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music. End ID.]

Oh yeah also a gif.

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music inside a black and white checkered circle. End ID.]

I discovered a Norwegian ska album. Also I love ska.

Pullin Down Backstreets Deep in Your Head, Slipping Through a Dreamland Like a Tourist

[ID: Lowell, a long haired man with a thin moustache with a fringed jacket, sleeping on blue and pink clouds, surrounded by blue, pink, and yellow stars and hearts. /End ID]

made a dessert wizard character design, might keep


[ID: Plague Doctor Twig coloured in Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black halftone dots. They weild a comically oversized mallet over their head, and two loud onomatopoeia bubbles are beside them, with PoW! Written on them. End ID]

Inspired by the FEMM song PoW!

I might open up some comm slots for fundraising.