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[ID: Plague doctor Twig slouches over in a UFO, looking unamused. They are surrounded by the vast expanse of space, decorated with celestial bodies. /End ID]

Listened to Laputa by Haitus Kaiyote

[Image ID: A person drawn in dark blue lines, their face obscured by clouds. They wear a newsboy's cap and a puffy dress with a belt around their waist. In one hand they hold a cloud tied to a string. Two smaller drawings show them sleeping while floating with the cloud on a string and on a larger cloud. /End ID.]

[ ID: Two drawings of Twig in the ocean. The first one is captioned "Good afternoon human. I am in the water" and they give the viewer the peace sign. In the second, they struggle in the water, saying "Help human, I have drifted out to sea". /End ID ]

Home Is Where I Want To Be

[ ID: Twig falls while clutching at a purple heart, tears floating above as they cry. Above them are the words "I feel numb, born with a weak heart so I guess I must be having fun". /End ID ]


[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music. End ID.]

Oh yeah also a gif.

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music inside a black and white checkered circle. End ID.]

I discovered a Norwegian ska album. Also I love ska.

Pullin Down Backstreets Deep in Your Head, Slipping Through a Dreamland Like a Tourist

[ID: Lowell, a long haired man with a thin moustache with a fringed jacket, sleeping on blue and pink clouds, surrounded by blue, pink, and yellow stars and hearts. /End ID]

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig coloured in Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black halftone dots. They weild a comically oversized mallet over their head, and two loud onomatopoeia bubbles are beside them, with PoW! Written on them. End ID]

Inspired by the FEMM song PoW!

I might open up some comm slots for fundraising.

[ ID: Plague doctor Twig saluting the viewer while walking, wearing a postman's hat and wearing a mail bag. The image is captioned "Support the USPS! Call your senators! Text MAIL to 668366 or USPS to 50409! Save inexpensive mail" /End ID]

Don't pay $15.50 for mail that costs $0.55! Small artists who sell physical pieces would suffer if they had to pay more for shipping!