House Rules

Up to date as of 09 February 2021

I believe that

  • Love is love
  • Pronouns are to be respected, and people are what they say they are
  • Religion is nothing to be ashamed of and should not be imposed upon others
  • The colour of one's skin is not indicative of morals, a specific skillset, or lack thereof
  • Both physically and mentally disabled people deserve a place in society that caters to them as much as you or I
  • The oppressed should be at the front of all discussions concerning them, and that intersectionality is important
  • Fiction is capable of both reflecting and impacting reality
  • Every animal and plant is intrinsically important, even if people cannot profit from it
  • Land should be given back to the indigenous peoples who were there before colonisation
  • Water is Life

(Probably more but I'm getting distracted)

So if you do not believe in the above, please stay away from me.

(Or, in other words…)

  • No LGBT+-phobes (The community is inclusive of anyone that isn't Allo/Cis/Het)
  • No exorsexists, truscums, transmeds, or their ilk
  • No TERFs, TEHMs, or any of their ilk
  • No islamophobes, antisemites, proselytisers, etc.
  • No ableists, including those seeking to use disabled people for profit
  • No racists, pro-colonialists, or their ilk
  • No self proclaimed "anti-anti"s, "proshippers", "profic", or any of their ilk
  • No zoophiles, paedophiles, necrophiles, supporters of the aforementioned or any of their ilk

I would prefer it if you wouldn't…

  • Say "kill it with fire" about anything around me, or otherwise wish harm upon things such as spiders, wasps, or other "not cute" animals (I will try to remember to tag for and be respectful of arachnophobia, melittophobia, and other things)
  • Expose me to antisemitism, even when refuting it (just tag it as antisemitism so I don't have to see it please)

That's all for now I think