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Do Not Interact

House Rules

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Not too fond of atheists who are obsessed with talking about/mocking religion every other post, and ESPECIALLY not fond of those who call religion “childish” or anything like that.

I also don’t wanna interact with anybody who ever says “kill it with fire” when talking about anything such as insects, arachnids, fish, etc. (even if you do have a reason to dislike said creature). Not cool, and I’ve heard it a million times about my own pets/interests.

I don’t wanna interact with truscum/transmeds/trumeds in any capacity other than blocking and moving on.

Also not fond of “pro-shipping” weirdos in any capacity.

TERFs/Gender Critical/“Gender Free”/RadFems/“Wombyn” and their ilk don’t even get a say before getting blocked.

I don’t wanna interact with homophobes, lesbiphobes, biphobes, transphobes (&etc.), rromaphobes, antisemites, islamophobes, racists, sexists, and the like.