Getting to know me! Is my carrd! It might tell you more about me, but if you don't want to navigate off the site...

I'm Kvistr, or Twig if that's too hard to pronounce.

I'm 20, born at the change of the century

I have ADHD-C and Autism! My interests are all over the place and my attention span is Nil, whoops.

I have a Ko-Fi, A RedBubble, and some art projects I wanna do!


Kvistaler - Kvistr (Twig) + Taler (Speaker). Those are my personal posts, sometimes vents sometimes rambles.

Kunstwig - Kunst (art) + Twig. All things drawn by me will be put here, sometimes as images and sometimes as art posts.

Kunstide - Kunst + Ide (idea). Where my ask games and oc prompts go, since I won't be making a dedicated sideblog for it.

Postwig - Post (Mail) + Twig. Where all asks I answer go.

S.T.E.L.L.A.R. - My worldbuilding and spec bio project! I also have a sideblog for it @thestellarlabs!

I also have OC tags, where you can find all things related to the tagged OC there, hopefully.