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Shitty ref for my shitty boi

did i post my muppetsona

When you make sleepytime extra strength tea at 2:36 am (which is also when this was drawn)

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig with an exaggerated sad expression pouring a pot of hot water into a teacup. The pot and teacup also have sad expressions. /End ID]

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this is an actual screenshot from the live action Sailor Moon

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Hashtag relatable

So Boy Just Put That Stopsign Down

[ID: Lowell, a long haired man drawn in pink, overlooks a neon cityscape on an alien planet from a hotel balcony. The night sky is full of stars, and the planet's ring. /End ID]

Watched La Planète Sauvage... I wonder if Nausicaä was inspired by it at all.

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sketched up a little poe design when i first changed my username just for funsies, but i decided to color it today ^^

might use them as a mascot or smtn idk yet

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first art on my new compter!!

and first time using clip studio paint too ^^ haven't tried any fancy settings or brushes yet, i'm just getting used to the layout still

this is the closest to looking like me i've drawn my sona so far i think? they're even sorta wearing clothes i own haha

raining with a lot of thunder 👀

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[ID: Artwork of Blaze the Cat. She's posed very dramatically and intensely looking at the viewer. Fire sparks around her hands. End ID.]

Another thing drawn during the stream.

A scribbly Twig in a glass of purple ink (with an umbrella)

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[ID: Artwork of a character named Nill. They wear a blue stripped turtle neck, blue pants, light green hat. Clipped on their shoulders of their shirt is a purple cape. Nill's expression is slightly concerned. They're floating in a dark purple vibrant space. There's various colorful lights floating around them. End ID]

So, Hylics huh?

[ID: Wayne, a moon headed man from the game hylics, floating in front of a paint splattered background. By his right hand is the word Snap and some sparkles. /End ID]

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music. End ID.]

Oh yeah also a gif.

[ID: Plague Doctor Twig dressed like a Rude Boy in a black suit and a hat with a checkered ribbon. They dance to ska music inside a black and white checkered circle. End ID.]

I discovered a Norwegian ska album. Also I love ska.

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

instagram | ko-fi | print shop

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wanmt to pet the large fuzzy creechur

Pullin Down Backstreets Deep in Your Head, Slipping Through a Dreamland Like a Tourist

[ID: Lowell, a long haired man with a thin moustache with a fringed jacket, sleeping on blue and pink clouds, surrounded by blue, pink, and yellow stars and hearts. /End ID]

Was in sconsin and then house-sitting for the past few days!

made a dessert wizard character design, might keep




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My drivers test is tomorrow :(

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I failed but only because my parking skills really need improvement.

My drivers test is tomorrow :(

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For anybody celebrating the start of Pride Month tomorrow

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Please, don't forget our roots.

Marsha P. Johnson was a black trans woman who fought for our freedom to live. We must stand with #blacklivesmatter and protesters just like they did with us. Even if you can't protest or donate, stay vocal, stay loud, and condem bigotry.

Nothing will change if we don't.

Been boosting stuff on other platforms where I got larger followin's, sorry for the radio static! 🙇